Korean Bbq Strathfield

Korean BBQ Strathfield

Korean BBQ Strathfield

I can say it’s intensely sweeping the world by storm. I’m talking about the Korean Wave. And mind you, as South Korea’s cultural economy continues to export to the world, K-Pop culture, entertainment, music, TV soap operas and movies all over the globe. Due to this, Korean cuisine is getting more traction nowadays. One well-liked type of Korean cuisine we always see actors and actresses enjoying in Korean soap operas and movies is Korean BBQ. THE UNCLE’S BBQ comes to mind when we mention K-BBQ. The authentic Korean food experience, is what Uncle’s is all about. To offer second to non charcoal Korean food is our philosophy. And we deliver it at a modest price. The exquisite taste of seafood, Pork Belly, and Wagyu Beef is just part of our menu. All our food is of the highest standard, served by our specially trained staff. They are absolutely dedicated to pleasing all our resto guests. Uncle’s BBQ is totally friendly, with a great ambience, and yet has a casual vibe. At The Uncle’s BBQ, we welcome everyone. Looking for the best Korean BBQ Strathfield? Visit us in Strathfield and enjoy our special take on traditional Korean culture.

best korean restaurant strathfield

Best Korean Restaurant Strathfield

Best Korean Restaurant Strathfield

The best Korean restaurant Strathfield is a nice topic to talk about when talking about Korean food and restaurants. By the way, Uncle’s is all about the genuine Korean food experience. Our philosophy is to provide the very best in charcoal Korean food to our guests every time they visit us. We want to offer all the best grilled Korean food at a modest price. The exquisite and mouth-watering taste of Wagyu Beef, Pork Belly, and seafood is only part of Uncle’s great menu.

All the food that we serve is of the highest standard. They are served by our well-trained staff who are wholeheartedly dedicated to pleasing and taking care of all our customers. The Uncle’s is friendly, endowed with a great ambience, and yet it remains a casual restaurant.

We welcome everybody at the Uncle’s BBQ. In case you are looking for the best Korean BBQ in Sydney, visit us in Strathfield where you can enjoy our own take on traditional Korean culture. Bring along many of your friends when you visit us. We will make sure that you will enjoy visiting our place and sampling our food. Just a last note, the best Korean restaurant Strathfield is a nice topic to talk about when talking about Korean food and restaurants.

Korean BBQ right in the heart of Sydney CBD is a flourishing dining experience amongst Sydney dwellers; not only for the delectable cuisine, but also because of the unique dining experience. To many it’s called KBBQ Sydney. These well-known restaurants will allow customers to cook their own meat and choose their preferred sides. With a grill that’s built-in to the table or portable stoves, you can cook their quality meats and sizzle them to your perfect standard.

korean barbecue strathfield

korean barbecue strathfield

Korean barbecue Strathfield

Do you want to have amazing Wagyu, pork belly, pork jowl and kimchi pancake? The Uncles BBQ is here for you.

To get some solid tips on how to do Korean barbecue right, we contacted Deuki Hong, the co-author of Koreatown: A Cookbook who had a two-year stint at popular NYC Korean BBQ restaurant Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong. He is now working on opening Sunday Bird: a fried chicken corner in San Francisco. He knowledgeable on how to get the most out of the meat-filled meal. In fact he reveals to us the one thing you shouldn’t leave at home before you go out for Korean BBQ.

Bring a lot of friends and moolah

“Korean barbecue is expensive,” he says. “Meat prices are on the rise.” Due to the fact that KBBQ is a large-format meal that’s all about eating as many different foods as possible, it’s great to bring more people with you. The more buddies you invite, the more chow you can get to order and try! Hong recommends going with a group of at least four to six people and he strongly suggests bring cash with you! It’s way easier compared to splitting six credit cards!

Use wooden chopsticks for noodles

Hong opines that there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules regarding whether to use metal or wooden chopsticks when eating Korean BBQ. However, his opinion is that wooden chopsticks are typically used for hot or cold noodles; ‘cuz they grip ’em better. So if what you only see are metal chopsticks prepared on the table, by all means, ask for wooden ones.

Charcoal BBQ Sydney

Charcoal BBQ Sydney

Charcoal BBQ Sydney

Why is Charcoal BBQ Sydney one of the most popular subjects in conversations especially with bbq enthusiasts?

It’s because charcoal BBQ is a delicious option when talking about food in general.

Listen to what a customer said after eating at one bbq restaurant:

Meat quality was great!
Marinated assorted meat was our choice, follow by corn and mozzarella and steamed egg on the side.
Great option combo, great flavour!

Why is Charcoal BBQ Sydney one of the most popular topics in friends’ conversations on a daily basis? Well ‘cuz charcoal bbq is a delectable, mouth watering choice.

By the way, Uncle’s is about the authentic Korean food experience. Our core philosophy is to provide the very best in charcoal Korean food to our guests. We want to deliver the same with the most modest price there is. The exquisite taste of Wagyu Beef, Pork Belly and seafood is only a small portion of our menu. All the food that we

Korean Bimimbap

Korean Bimimbap

Korean Bimimbap

Best Korean restaurant Strathfield
Bimimbap is a dish that has proved popular in the west. Many people who know little of Korean cuisine may have tried bimimbap at some point, and then continued to have it on the future.
Bimimbap loosely translates as ‘mixed rice’, being mixed with assorted vegetables and meat. It is almost always topped off with an egg. This offers many variations, so people may prefer a certain type of bimimbap, or find one that suits their dietary needs.
One thing that makes bimibap unique is that it is prepared in a hot stone bowl. This creates a layer of crispy rice that is part of the dishes texture.
The ingredients of bimimbap are mixed, but they are far from random. They are deliberately chosen to offset, balance and harmonize with each other. There are many regional variations of bimimbap, each of which uses ingredients that balance in their own way.
Preparing bimimbap is a little more difficult that many realize. Each ingredient has to be individually prepared. And the hot stoneware bowl is hardly a common dish. This is why bimimbap is most often eaten in restaurants, where it can be prepared by professional chefs.

Korean BBQ Strathfield
Bimimap or many other Korean meals are ideal for quick yet healthy lunch.

Korean Noodles

Korean Noodles and the Best Korean BBQ Sydney

Korean Noodles and the Best Korean BBQ Sydney

The best Korean places serve a range of different foods, because Korea has a fairly diverse cuisine. One food that is popular in Korean is the noodles. This is a dish that is often misjudged and underestimated.
When westerners think of noodles they often think of the instant variety. But these are the bottom end of the range. There is as much difference between instant noodles and good restaurant noodles as these is between fast food hamburgers and fine steak. Similar in origin, but a very different end result. Korean noodles are better compared to spaghetti or pasta that microwave fast foods. They are thick and luscious rather than cheap snacks. They also come in several different varieties.

Some Guksu (Korean Noodles) include:
• Sweet potato noodles
• Buckwheat noodles
• Gangwon corn flour noodles
• Gamja – potato and rice noodles
• Chewy Potato noodles
• Acorn noodles
• Pumpkin and wheat
• Glass noodles – transparent and made from kelp

And there are several noodle dishes:
• Warm noodles in soup
• Fried noodles with beef and vegetables
• Noodles in spicy broth with seafood
• Cold noodles, often with vegetables. A little like a salad
• Noodles with black bean sauce. Maybe with some added chicken. A little like spaghetti and sauce.

Best Korean BBQ Sydney
The cuisine of foreign cultures are worth trying; they often do something very different with the same ingredients, or use different ingredients entirely. Noodles, BBQ meats and alcohol are popular in western societies. The Korean versions give a different twist to these popular items.

Myths about Korean Food

It is strange to read about your own culture from the eyes of a foreigner. It is a mixture of misconceptions, rumours, half-truths, odd perspectives and the occasional stunning insight.

There are a few misconceptions about Korean cuisine. Some of these arise from the westernized version of Korean food, which are different o the original or which over emphasis one or two dishes. Others arise because no country has one uniform culture; some people expect everybody in an Asian country to be a vegetarian Buddhist monk, or to live exclusively on the most popular local beer. But every country is diverse in its own way. And the myths are more comical than accurate.

Korean food is spicy

Some food is spicy, but not as much as Indian food or many other Asian foods. There are some spicy chilli dishes in the USA and Mexico too, but most of the food is not spicy at all.

Koreans eat dog meat, or at least tolerate it:

This is rather overemphasised and out of date. Almost all modern Koreans dislike the very idea of eating a dog. A few old men eat this on rare occasions, but this is a disappearing thing that was never that popular to start with.

Kimchi is old cabbage

Well, that’s like saying that wine is old grapes. Foods like wine, sauerkraut, and kimchi are fermented. This changes the composition of the food, actually adding a lot of healthy elements.

Korean food is super healthy

Koreans tend to be pretty healthy. And Korean foods often contain a lot of things that are underemphasised in western diets. But no national cuisine gets everything right. 

As one person said: westerners should eat more Korean foods, and Koreans should eat less.

You should not eat rice with chopsticks

In Korean you can use the spoon or the chopsticks to eat rice. Many other Asian countries only use chopsticks, partly because their rice is cooked to stick together.

Soy sauce is ubiquitous

There are many sauces in Korean, with soy being just one of them.

There is a lot of green tea and no coffee.

Actually green tea is slightly unusual in Korea, and coffee is quite common.

Korean eat a lot of meat

The Korean restaurants serve a fair amount of meat, western Korean restaurants even more so. But people don’t eat like this at home. Rice and kimchi are the two most frequently eaten items, with a lot of different side dishes and a little meat.

Beef is expensive, and only eaten on special occasions.

Best Korean BBQ Sydney

Enjoy a wide variety of barbequed meats cooked at your table. If it’s a special occasion, or just a change from the usual routine, then try the wide variety of Korean BBQ.

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef

Best Korean BBQ Sydney

Wagyu beef has steadily become more prominent in western culture over the last few years. A form of wagyu has even appeared in fast food menus. But really, this fine beef is a connoisseur cuisine. The fast food version is just cashing in on the name.

Wagyu beef originally came from Japan. The name means Japanese cow. But the meat was special because of the specific breed and how the cow was raised. The grain fed animal had to be a certain pureblood pedigree to qualify as wagyu beef; some places provided pedigree papers for individual animals.

The true wagyu beef was known for being very tender and finely marbled with fat. This was its selling point. But it came at a fairly hefty cost.

Unfortunately the ‘wagyu’ label has grown blurred. Not all Japanese beef is truly Wagyu. And many similar meats from other parts of the world are being sold as ‘wagyu’, even though they are often (not always) from mixed breed cattle. Some foreign wagyu appears to be the genuine article.

The issue is further complicated by the high end ‘Kobe’ beef. This was originally one of the highest end wagyu meats, and it technically still is. But other meat is labelled ‘Kobe’ because of a superficial resemblance to the real product. These other meats might be fairly good, but they are not the genuine Kobe wagyu beef.

Korean barbecue Strathfield     

Enjoy a variety of meats prepared in a variety of Korean marinades, cooked at your table and eaten hot off the grill.

Korean Customs

Korean Customs

Best Korean restaurant Strathfield

Australian diners and those in other western countries enjoy Korean food without worrying about the expected etiquette. But the Korean cultural habits can be interesting.

  • Wait for the older person to be seated. And then wait till they lift their utensils before you start eating.
  • It is polite to say ‘I will eat well’ before you start. This means you have been anticipating the meal.
  • The bowl of food stays on the table. Unlike many other Asian cultures you are not supposed to lift the bowl to your mouth.
  • Korean will often greet you by asking ‘have you eaten?’ This is not an invitation, they are not asking you out. It is their way of asking ‘are you well? This appears to have originated in a time when food was scarce. 
  • If a senior diner offer you a drink you are expected to accept. Hold you glass with both hands as they pour the drink and thanks them when they are finished.
  • Offer to refill other people cups before filling your own, starting with the senior person at the table.
  • Use chopsticks correctly. Never use them to stab food.
  • You can use the back of the chopsticks to pass food.
  • Leave chopsticks on the right of the plate. Never leave them upright in the rice as this is too similar to a Korean funeral tradition.
  • Never waste food. Take smaller portions and finish them. You can have more latter if needed. Again, this probably dates form the time when food was scarce.
  • When the meal has finished always thank the host(s) by saying that you ate well.

Korean Barbecue Strathfield

There are many familiar meats in a Korean BBQ, but they are prepared differently in this foreign culture. Enjoy the different take on an old favorite.

Korean Pancake


Korean Pancake

Best Korean restaurant Strathfield

The terms ‘pancake’ is misleading. A Korean pancake is more like an omelette with some pizza topping. This is a dish that comes in many variations.

  • Green onion pancake
  • Mung bean pancake
  • Seafood and green onion pancake
  • Potato pancakes
  • Shrimp pancake
  • Kimchi pancake
  • Mushroom pancake
  • Beef and other meats
  • Pan fried fish pancake

These pancakes are pan fried, giving a dish that is crispy on the outside and chewing on the inside.

A little bit of Korean pancake may be included in the banchan side dishes served with Korean main meals.

A Korean pancake is a find choice for a light meal. And also a fine accompaniment for a few late night drinks.

Trying a Korean pancake for the first time? Green onion is good place to start.