Korean Bbq Strathfield

Korean BBQ Strathfield

Korean BBQ Strathfield

I can say it’s intensely sweeping the world by storm. I’m talking about the Korean Wave. And mind you, as South Korea’s cultural economy continues to export to the world, K-Pop culture, entertainment, music, TV soap operas and movies all over the globe. Due to this, Korean cuisine is getting more traction nowadays.

One well-liked type of Korean cuisine we always see actors and actresses enjoying in Korean soap operas and movies is Korean BBQ. THE UNCLE’S BBQ comes to mind when we mention K-BBQ. The authentic Korean food experience, is what Uncle’s is all about. To offer second to non charcoal Korean food is our philosophy. And we deliver it at a modest price.

The exquisite taste of seafood, Pork Belly, and Wagyu Beef is just part of our menu. All our food is of the highest standard, served by our specially trained staff. They are absolutely dedicated to pleasing all our resto guests. Uncle’s BBQ is totally friendly, with a great ambience, and yet has a casual vibe. At The Uncle’s BBQ, we welcome everyone. Looking for the best Korean BBQ Strathfield? Visit us in Strathfield and enjoy our special take on traditional Korean culture.

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