Korean Noodles

Korean Noodles and the Best Korean BBQ Sydney

Korean Noodles and the Best Korean BBQ Sydney

The best Korean places serve a range of different foods, because Korea has a fairly diverse cuisine. One food that is popular in Korean is the noodles. This is a dish that is often misjudged and underestimated.
When westerners think of noodles they often think of the instant variety. But these are the bottom end of the range. There is as much difference between instant noodles and good restaurant noodles as these is between fast food hamburgers and fine steak. Similar in origin, but a very different end result. Korean noodles are better compared to spaghetti or pasta that microwave fast foods. They are thick and luscious rather than cheap snacks. They also come in several different varieties.

Some Guksu (Korean Noodles) include:
• Sweet potato noodles
• Buckwheat noodles
• Gangwon corn flour noodles
• Gamja – potato and rice noodles
• Chewy Potato noodles
• Acorn noodles
• Pumpkin and wheat
• Glass noodles – transparent and made from kelp

And there are several noodle dishes:
• Warm noodles in soup
• Fried noodles with beef and vegetables
• Noodles in spicy broth with seafood
• Cold noodles, often with vegetables. A little like a salad
• Noodles with black bean sauce. Maybe with some added chicken. A little like spaghetti and sauce.

Best Korean BBQ Sydney
The cuisine of foreign cultures are worth trying; they often do something very different with the same ingredients, or use different ingredients entirely. Noodles, BBQ meats and alcohol are popular in western societies. The Korean versions give a different twist to these popular items.

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