Korean Pancake


Korean Pancake

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The terms ‘pancake’ is misleading. A Korean pancake is more like an omelette with some pizza topping. This is a dish that comes in many variations.

  • Green onion pancake
  • Mung bean pancake
  • Seafood and green onion pancake
  • Potato pancakes
  • Shrimp pancake
  • Kimchi pancake
  • Mushroom pancake
  • Beef and other meats
  • Pan fried fish pancake

These pancakes are pan fried, giving a dish that is crispy on the outside and chewing on the inside.

A little bit of Korean pancake may be included in the banchan side dishes served with Korean main meals.

A Korean pancake is a find choice for a light meal. And also a fine accompaniment for a few late night drinks.

Trying a Korean pancake for the first time? Green onion is good place to start.


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