Popular Korean Dishes

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There are several Korean dishes that are popular with westerners.


This is thinly sliced meat, either beef or pork, marinated to give a sweet, spicy flavour. The cooking adds the smoky flavour.

Bukgogi is the type of dish found at any Korean charcoal BBQ Sydney wide.


This s a thick stew of beef and vegetables. Some variations include ox bone or squid. This is thought to be a good handover cure.


This is also known as three-layer-meat, or pork belly. Unlike most Korean meats is it not traditionally marinated. It is thought to be best enjoyed as three layers of flesh, fat and meat. Some modern cooks bend the rules and do marinate the pork.


This is a type of pancake. But with a sweet filling it is perhaps more like a donut, even including cinnamon. Savoury meat varieties are also popular.

This is often sold as street food. 

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Many foreign dishes give a foreign twist to familiar meats. Try beef, pork and chicken, barbequed at your table and marinated in an unexpected way.

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